A little about The Publisher's Daughter

In the beginning of the pandemic, I started my Instagram page to share recipes and food images with friends. I named it "The Publisher's Daughter" after my father who passed away from cancer a few years ago. He was a fashion magazine publisher and an incredible family man. He loved beautiful things that were well made, he loved to travel (especially to Italy), he loved to gather and tell stories and he loved to eat. He also wasn't afraid of a glass of good wine and a cigar or two. He was proud of my photography and came by my house every morning for me to make him an espresso. A play on the Farmer's Daughter, it seemed fitting to name this new journey with a sweet nod to him.

A professional portrait photographer since 2009, I am working with clients and focus primarily on photographing food and editorial gatherings. If you are a restaurant, brand, chef, maker, magazine, website, content creator - I would love to talk to you about your vision and how I can get you there.

I hope that we will meet and gather at a table together soon! In the meantime, welcome to The Publisher's Daughter.

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